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FAQ--Watch here for future versions and MSSRbooks products. MSSRbooks accepts Palm OS as standard for reading ebooks on handhelds. New CD editions may offer other handheld versions along with .pdf and an in-line picture version for TealDoc. First, however, MSSRbooks will introduce Palm w/DocsToGo versions of its books. Please make sure you have DocsToGo installed on your desktop and handheld before transferring your new MSSRbook. Note: MSSRbooks' older Word6 files do not work with Palm handhelds when using DocsToGo. The hotsynch process destroys all the formatting on all Word files earlier then Office 97.

Instant Delivery/No Returns/Refunds
This site delivers its products in an immediate download after clearance of the customer's credit card. Because this product is non-material, and returns would serve no purpose, a no refund/return policy is followed. However, if a customer believes a purchase was not fairly advertised please contact Customer Service. If a customer experiences an interrupted download for some reason, a contact with Customer Service will provide a fresh download at no additional cost.