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The G.W. Bush Book of Knowledge

85 palm pages by They Inc. Universal

Table of Contents:
Thinking about the World, Malapropism, Leadership, Know Your Science, Keeping The Tank Full, Talking Tough, Conclusion
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For My Children

308 Palm pages by B. Russell

Dedicated to the millions of children who have grown up without their fathers, for whatever reason, and have wondered about him, what forces shaped his life, and what he felt for them. Written to his sixteen and fifteen-year-old children from whom he was separated for eight years, this father’s book was the first gift he sent them after discovering their whereabouts.

Table of Contents:
Forward, Communication, Generation, Time of Life, Identity, Sex & Friendship, Work,Celebration, & Defeat, Aspiring to a Better World, Is Love Enough?, Epilogue for My Children.

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If you're reading this you are probably an initial user of technology. When something new comes out, you are using it. How about the other half who aren't? Who don't adopt a technology until it's routine? Who won't read a tech manual that calls them "Dummy" or "Stupid?"

Update 2000 is for the millions of competent adults trying to keep up with everyday changes. Understanding what to do, why and how something works for you--that is what adults need. Current edition: Aug. 1999, 262 full pages, 46 artist's slides sold separately. Authors: Professional Educator and General Engineer.

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    Strategies in Native American Education

    MA.ed. 475 palm pages, photos & artwork

    Staff member of an Indian School discusses ways to understand and use Native American cultural traits to increase learning and motivation among traditional Indian youth. Concerns of counselors and administrators, and teachers of language arts, math and sciences, social sciences, journalism, and computer skills are addressed.

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