Documents To GoŽ Files for your Palm Handheld

Palm Ebooks: Make sure you have Documents To GoŽ installed on your desktop and your Palm handheld. Download the ebook file and any free images which go with it to your My Downloads directory. Before your next hotsynch add these .pdb ebook files through your DocsToGo icon, and they will show up in your Palm's WordToGo menu after the hotsynch. Tap their titles to display, and begin reading. If you have purchased illustrations they will show up in the Slideshow To Go menu and when you encounter "image" in the text simply switch over to the Slideshow To Go menu to view it before returning to the text.

Self Extracting Book Files

Word6 Ebooks self-extract: First, make a subdirectory for electronic books on your hard drive. Call it Ebooks. Save your self-extracting book file to this directory. Double click on it in your file listings, or type "bookfile" if using DOS. Return. The book jacket and book will self-extract.

Word6 Free Viewer

Word6 Ebook Viewer: Use the free viewer to print chapters or the whole book to screen/printer. Download it directly into your new electronic book subdirectory. Double click to extract, then double click the Update 2000 book file to view. The "normal" view is what you want.

If you use your MSWord word processor instead, it must be version 6 or above. Be sure to enter the tools menu, select options, choose general, and unclick "background repagination." This will preserve index page numbers.

For a free Slide Show w/slide viewer:

Free Download

Click Here to download auto-extracting executable version.

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