Academic Correspondents

Academic Correspondents

Online are several academic files including interdisciplinary papers, a file of six models of social analysis in America, ASA conference retrospectives since 1999, and a Word document of the book Dimensions of Alienation. An academic may have separate interest in one of three sections of Dimensions of Alienation. 1)Literature review of alienation. 2)Methodology of historical sociology used in the study. 3)Findings of the two decade comparative study of 20-year-old Western males. PDA files of several of these documents are available for Palm OS. Click Here for Bruce Russell Rtd.'s outdated curriculum vitae.

If you have more detailed questions, email and Dr. Russell will try and respond within 24 hours when possible.

ASA Conference Retrospectives

The American Sociological Association holds annual conferences, often in coordination with smaller social science associations. Below are downloadable Word versions of retrospectives written by Bruce Russell Sr. provided to colleagues without cost. Afterwards, are PDA versions in Palm OS which may be read on your handheld using Documents to Go.

Free Word Versions

Click Here ASA 1999 Click Here ASA 2000 Click Here ASA 2001 Click Here ASA 2002 (uncut)

Click Here ASA 2003 Click Here ASA 2004 (uncut) Click Here ASA 2005 (overview only) Click HereASA 2006 (uncut) Click Here ASA 2006 (edited)Click Here ASA 2007Click Here ASA 2008 (uncut)Click Here ASA 2008 (social action version)Click Here ASA 2009 (uncut) Click Here ASA 2009 (edited) Click Here ASA 2010 (uncut) Click Here ASA 2011 (uncut)

This project in the Sociology of Sociology is overviewed in "Why Document and Review Annual ASA Conferences? A Narrative" published in the November 2012 edition of Humanity and Society Journal. Download Here

A Decade of ASA Reviews (uncut)Click Here

Palm OS Versions (No longer being updated for a fee--just click through order form)

ASA 1999 Click Here ASA 2000 Click Here ASA 2001 Click Here ASA 2002 (uncut) Click Here ASA 2003 Click Here ASA 2004 Click Here

Dimensions of Alienation, 287p academic treatment of estrangement in Western societies by Bruce Russell, Ph.d. Call 1-734-761-4700 and order microfilm LDO2234, or download the Palm .PDB ebook Click Here For the MSWord ebook of Dimensions of Alienation Click Here.

Interdisciplinary Papers:

Social Analysis in 20th Century America--6 Models, charts by Bruce Russell, Ph.d. Here. Click Here

"Psychoanalytic and Sociological Alienation: Means for Resolving Problems of Psychohistory" Click Here

Sociology and Theology-- "Alienation: Residuum of the New World Order" Click Here


Alienation Theme

The entire MSSRbooks website may be viewed as an "alienation site." Dimensions of Alienation covers "alienation" as it relates to social organization from early Christian times; through industrial, democratic, and information revolutions to the present.

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